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Environmental Services

At White Star we believe in the importance and benefits of environmental and riparian spaces in the urban landscape. We have learned the importance a good install and appropriate maintenance over our many years working on these types of projects and are able to assess, adapt and implement carefully considered approaches to any size project.

We are consistently looking for new techniques, technology and approaches to provide the most cutting edge and progressive service possible.

Below is a breakdown of our services and experience.

Invasive Species, Hand Removal and Brush Cutting

When it comes to the cutting and or removal invasive species sometimes the cut and pull approach is the only way. Our dedicated team has extensive experience in the hand removal of invasive and non-desired plant species.

Whether it be by utilizing our top of the line brush cutting equipment, Extractigators or good old fashion elbow grease, we will always get the job done.

Invasive Weed Control

We believe that there should and can be cleaner ways to treat invasive species. In addition to the traditional methods of herbicide applications

  • Foliar
  • Stem Injection

We are also able to offer our exclusive Root Wave Technology. Root Wave is a pioneering method of using elctrocides to eradicate a wide range of plant material with one herbicide free touch.

Root Wave

The RootWave Pro Electrothermal Weeder is designed and manufactured in the UK.

  • Sustainable - using a generator it uses a fraction of fuel required for thermal (steam, hot water) weed control. It can also be plugged directly into a main power source.
  • Organic - the only input is electricity.  No need to carry tonnes of water, or toxic agri-chemicals.
  • Effectiv - trials in the UK show it is effective against some of the toughest weeds because it gets down to the root of the problem.  It is able to control weeds that are resistant to herbicides.
  • Manoeuvrable - because the device has a small footprint, and doesn’t require any water, it can be loaded onto small utility vehicles, such as a golf cart or ATV.

RootWave can easily treat and kill many plants including:

  • Hogweed
  • Policemans helmet
  • Horsetail
  • Reed grass
  • Blackberry

We can even use it to control and remove Knotweed. In many cases we can reduce the treatment time to eradication in half compared to chemical approaches.

Preparation and Planting

The key to long term success of any environmental planting is strong open communication with the environmental team and proper preparation and planting. WhiteStar has a wealth of experience in both. Over the last 10 years we have successfully planted many areas granting us the experience and knowledge to understand and undertake any planting task.


Possibly the most important and overlooked area of any environmental area is ongoing care.  Our team which includes members with qualifications including:

  • ISA certified Arborist
  • Diploma in ecology and conservation
  • Red seal horticulturalists
  • Licenced pesticide applicators
  • Resource management
  • Diploma in horticulture
  • CLT

Our maintenance plans are custom crafted for each area and it unique requirements.


Key to the survival of any area is ensuring appropriate hydration. At White Star we are able to address the requirements of any area. We have one of the most experienced watering teams in the area with decades of combined experience. We are able to provide a range of services including:

  • Hand Watering
  • Mobile Truck Watering
  • Temporary Irrigation Systems

Please see some of our previous invasive removal work below:

  • Troutin PitCity of Surrey
  • Kanaka Business Park - City of Maple Ridge
  • Beach front – City of White Rock
  • Mobile Watering of Riparian Areas – City of Surrey
  • Knotweed Removal – City of White Rock
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