WhiteStar Property Services Ltd strives to meet and exceed ethical environmental practices and social responsibilities on a daily basis. Our industry is one of many that has the capability to leave a significant carbon footprint with the use of gas powered equipment, and the negative effects of using commercial fertilizers and pesticides.

We make every effort to reduce emissions, whether it is idle free practices on our vehicles, diesel machines versus gas to reduce fuel consumption, and the use of battery power equipment vs gas. Majority of the crews operate on 100% battery powered equipment. We have also eliminated the use of all cosmetic herbicides.

Green waste is something we have an abundance of. All green waste is taken to a “green” recycling plant and reused for garden products or bark mulch etc.

This is also maintained in force with our office procedures. We have enforced a zero waste policy where all office paper, cardboard, batteries, glass and anything else that we can recycle gets recycled.

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